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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.
34 West High Street
JVM Real Estate LLC to Justin C. and Whitney K. Rivera for $269,000.

321 East Main Street
Richard A. and Susan V. Raiders to Richard A. Raiders for $0.
400 South Center Street Corrective Deed
Dale E. and Pattie L. Maulfair to Dale E. and Pattie L. Maulfair for $1.

19-23 Maulfair Lane Corrective Deed
Dale E. and Pattie L. Maulfair to Dale E. and Pattie L. Maulfair for $1.

14 Stump Lane
John L. and Theresa A. Strunk to Shawn and Luann Hess for $505,000.

1377 Mountain Drive
Anna Kramer Estate, Dennis C. Kramer, Lee A. Ziegler to Dennis C. Kramer for $1.

117 West North Alley
Lloyd R. and Lori A. Brandt to Bam Property Group LLC for $45,000.

141 Lake Side Drive Lot 43
Roy E. Parker Estate, Gerald L. Parker to Melanie M. Hutson for $110,000.

46 Tree Line Avenue Lot 38
Irene M. Gattone to Holly D. Martin for $400,000.

29 Shirk Drive Lot 44
Tyler Z. and Samantha B. Hetrick to Tyler Z. Hetrick for $1.
813 Maple Street
Investment Resource Holdings Inc. to Manuel Ricart, Nichole D. Fleisch for $65,000.

126 South 2nd Street
Rose M. Boyle to Benito S. Pacheco for $165,000.

243 Schneider Drive
Oyer Brothers Partnership LLP to Advanced Treatment Systems LLC for $950,000.

467 New Street
Janet K. Moyer to Michael T. Ginder for $65,000.

619 Lehman Street
David B. and Andrea K. Levengood to Magdalena B. Pena, Evelio M. Hernandez for $32,279.

825 Scull Street Quitclaim Deed
716 Walnut Street LLC to 716 Walnut LLC for $0.

444 North 2nd Avenue
Maria I. R. Lantigua to Vianny Fernandez for $135,000.

732 Ehrhorn Street Lot 2
Dale R. and Susan M. Waltman to Rome Rentals LLC for $154,500.

722 Union Street
Lisa A. Krall, Kevin E. Barker to Amos Zook for $80,000.

724 Union Street
Lisa A. Krall, Kevin E. Barker to Amos Zook for $80,000.

1328 Brandywine Street
Kevin E. Barker to Amos Zook for $80,000.

1111 North 7th Street
Siloam Christian Missionary Church, Church Siloam Christian Missionary Church to Iglesia Pentecostal El Dios Viviente Inc., Church Iglesia Pentecostal El Dios Viviente Inc. for $150,000.

511 South 3rd Street
Renee L., Austin J., and Alex L. Boyer, Stacy L. Dusock, Michelle L. Lantz to Stacy L. Dusock for $75,000.

1227 Lehman Street Sheriff’s Deed
Jeffrey L. Hostetter Estate, Jeffrey L. Hostetter Jr., Jessica Zimmerman to Wells Fargo Bank for $63,165.

816 Church Street
Aaron H. and Willow Donnachie to The Swords Company LLC, Swords Company LLC for $1,350,000.

126 and 128 South 6th Street
Helen Karanikas Estate, Mary Karanikas, Martha Petry to MJ Property Group Co for $170,000.

507 Guilford Street
Jill M. Sonsini to Ivan S. Estrella, Grecia E. D. Santos for $105,000.

1015 Martin Street
Russell A. and Sarah M. Read II to Russell A. Read II for $1.

1138 Chestnut Street
Joseph M. and Katelyn J. Fischer to Jorian R. Ginnetto for $152,500.

326 South 8th Street
Ann H. Kury to Anthony J. Kury for $1.

308 and 310 North Eleventh Street
Harry B. and Rene C. Davis to Ricardo B. Bernadeau for $134,900.

122 Lehman Street
Marileen I. Pagan, Rafel Rodriguez to Carlos S. Pagan for $1.

725 North 6th Street
Donna M. and Christopher S. Stahley to Daniel J. and Michael T. Litzenberger for $150,000.

126 Lehman Street
Thomas E. Davis to J & J Cuz LLC for $90,000.

504 South Broad Street
Richard L. and Deborah M. Bixler Sr. to Gregory V. F. Perez for $228,000.

122 South 4th Avenue
David Drummond to Abigail L. Haldeman, Samuel T. Freidly for $220,000.

924 Water Street
Kathleen M. Batchelor to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $93,000.

119 South 5th Avenue
Silvetti Investments LLC to Holly Prozzillo, Kyle Hohrath for $190,000.

381 Jones Street
Jason Horn to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $42,000.

617 East Lehman Street Lot 207
Arlene R. Zellers, Kristine L. Fortuna to Paul Berdiner for $64,000.

1040 Lehman Street
Arlene R. Zellers, Kristine L. Fortina to Hometown Revival LLC for $59,000.

212 Lehman Street
Judith A. Graco, Gerald D. Kerkslager, K & G Real Estate to 23 Property Group LLC for $20,000.

141 North 9th Street
Ned E. and Jean C. Bomgardner to Lorenzo and Elizabeth Meson for $10,000.

28 East Locust Street
Gregory and Kathy Drahovsky to Randall E. Barry for $150,000.
35 East Chestnut Street
Shaun M. Vernesoni, Eryn Keller to Shaun M. Vernesoni for $20,000.

51 Dogwood Lane Lot 20
John F. and Jerilyn G. Wyatt to Ashley M. Walter for $169,900.

129 South Center Street
Sally Ann Paugh Estate, James R. and Peter S. Paugh to Jennifer L. and Jared C. Duckart for $355,000.
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1816 Larch Circle Spring Hill Acres Lot 207
Alfred A. and Lori S. Brandt Jr. to Lori S. Brandt for $1.

50 Anthracite Drive Lot 3
Nathan K. and Megan L. Conrad to Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC for $152,000.

1700 Hickory Drive Lot 213 Plan for Spring Hill Acres
Theresa J. O. and Edward C. Hummel to George R. and Mary I. Smith for $515,000.
10496 Allentown Boulevard
Mark A. and Joan M. Sallada to Mark A. and Christy A. Sallada for $1.

62 Appalachian Drive
Indiantown LLC to Premier Estate Co for $125,453.

1713 North State Route 934
Russ E. Cassel to Kyle E. Cassel for $1.
2443 Heidelberg Avenue
David E. and Kristin E. Smith to Todd E. and Jamie Heisey for $320,000.

108 Mountain Trail Road
Donald L. Lundvall to Jesse L. Wise for $230,000.

123 Mastle Road
Karlin D. and Kayse B. Lehman to Weston and Marlisa Shirk for $374,000.

112 East Reistville Road
Mary K. Lantz Estate, Reuben A. Lantz to Ivan and Ruth King for $175,000.

NS Canaan Grove Road
Brent E. and Linda G. Kahl Sr. to Kenneth W. and Malinda R. Zimmerman for $265,000.
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7 Wheatland Drive Lot 33
Ruth E. Gordon to Michael L. Heller, Kristi M. Lavine for $290,000.

705 Weavertown Road
Elmer S. and Anna M. Hoover to John E. Stoltzfus for $255,000.

44 Laurel Drive Lot 53
Ronald B. Schneider Estate, Ronald B. Schneider II to Ronald B. and Nicole Schneider II for $1.

658 East Lincoln Avenue
Richard L. and Ann M. Kreiser to James E. and Emily A. Engle for $400,000.

28 Grasshopper Court Lot 14
Hiram A. Haddock Jr. to Dawn M. and Natasha N. Miller for $208,000.
229 South Sheridan Road
Loren D. Earhart, Kristi L. Snavely to Jeffrey Eberly, Paxton Martin for $56,000.

81 East Main Street No 36
Bruce S. Hehnley to Lappco Properties LLC for $109,000.

52 Edgemont Lane Lot 252
Betty M. Kauffman Estate, Delphine Magaro to Doris J. Gregory for $282,000.

333 West Main Street
Christopher R. Martin to Santos L. and Katie C. Cintron for $248,000.

13 Overlook Lane
Rosalie H. Zury Estate, Loren A. Schrum to Valentin V. and Karina M. Kotok for $292,000.

20 Abbey Lane Lot 41
Douglas W. and Meghan E. Grove to Maksim and Diana Les for $277,000.

121 Sweetwater Lane Lot 430
Trevor L. Milkins to Kim M. Massabni for $308,000.

251 Cocalico Road
Donald L. Snively Jr., Donald L. and Diona M. Snively to Shaun A. and Samantha L. Leid for $485,000.
118 Columbia Avenue Lots 77 and 78 Corrective Deed
Lawrence W. Dunn to Lawrence W. Dunn for $1.

102 Chicago Avenue
Donald H. Adams, Nicoli R. Sinclair to Dominic M. Argentieri, Megan Dankovich for $312,000.
32 West Main Avenue
Dennis L. Palm Estate, Amber J. Palm to Amber J. Palm for $1.

369 West Main Avenue
Edgar E. and Susan D. Vachino to William D. Buck for $245,000.

212-214 South Railroad Street
David M. Yingst to Andrew R. and Charlene M. Newswanger for $285,000.
900 Thompson Avenue
Mark A. and Kristen M. Wickenheiser to Kristen M. Wickenheiser for $1.

NS Heilmandale Road Lot 2
Nelson L. and Elsie M. Ebersole to John J. Miller for $169,000.
224 White Oak Circle Lot 78
John K. Garner Irrevocable Trust, Sharon W. Garner Irrevocable Trust, Jennifer Casta, Jessica Bowers to Brian and Diana Devine for $425,000.

836 Tudor Lane
Ira F. and Marilyn J. Lydic to Nolmin Enterprises LLC for $469,000.

2150 Cumberland Street
James L. McMindes Non Exempt Trust, James L. Mc Mindes Non Exempt Trust, Gail K. McMindes Non Exempt Trust, Gail K. Mc Mindes Non Exempt Trust, David L. Stanilla, Thomas I. Siegel, Frederick S. Wolfson to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $0.

1275 West Crestview Drive
Kevin R. Showalter to Kevin R. Showalter, Wanda L. England for $1.

1728 Center Street
Jeremy C. and Tanya L. Wells to Tylor Bergman for $1.

210 White Oak Circle Lot 71
Philip H. and Joan A. Diehl to Louis M. and Elizabeth A. Ippolito for $355,000.

302 Jasmine Drive Lot 54
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Luis E. and Lynn M. Alicea for $415,480.

255 Kathy Court Lot 10
Kim J. Riggs to Luann M. and Rebecca R. Randall for $250,000.
350 Snow Drive Quitclaim Deed
Susan M. Gundrum to Susan Marie Gundrum Revocable Trust, Susan M. Gundrum for $0.

1421 Sandhill Road
Gregory A. Klopp to Janelle D. Lynch, Bailey A. McTavish, Bailey A. Mc Tavish for $226,000.

935 East Maple Street Lot 17
Mount Pleasant Ventures to Jalen M. and Jaquanna T. Worrell for $93,000.

2607 Tunnel Hill Road
Clarence A. Sholley Estate, Clarence A. Sholley Jr. Estate, Dean A. Sholley to Shawn E. and Rosalie R. Burkholder for $205,000.

2044 Mallard Lane
Gregory L. Kotay II, Francesca Ferrandino to Gregory L. Kotay II for $1.

1815 State Route 72 North
Joseph P. Motter, Tammy J. Winters to Joseph P. Motter, Tammy J. Winters for $1.

1798 Ashton Drive Lot 99, Lots of Nathaniel K. Martin as Lake
Wilbur E. and Charlotte L. Peffley Jr. to Matthew D. and Tina M. Clarkson for $1.

113 West Brookfield Drive Lot 171
Timothy T. and Sonia E. Wise to Michiko Haddock for $285,000.

872 Kimmerlings Road
Tracy L. and Robert E. Patches Jr. to Louis P. and Chloe E. O Donnell, Louis P. and Chloe E. ODonnell for $180,000.

1642 North 8th Avenue Lot 6
Betty L. Spangler to Betty L. and Dean Spangler Jr. for $1.

1114 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 62 on Homestead Acres Plan
Elio P. and Jacqueline Maletta to Eileen and Hilary Flick for $385,000.

2412 Long Lane
Yvonne H. Armstrong to Tiffany R. Hess for $179,000.

770 North 32nd Street Lot 1
Irvin X. G. Gonzalez to Brandon L. Griest, Julie E. Stout for $295,000.

2177 Cloverfield Drive
John R. Swisher Estate, Jodi L. Swisher, Debra A. Radina to Courtney R. Sites, Jason K. Horn for $255,000.

236 Daisy Drive Corrective Deed
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Michelle L. Whitfield, Kevin D. Berkheiser for $1.

611 Weavertown Road
Douglas R. and Gina M. Mann to Jayko R. Abreu, Manuel Ricart for $139,000.

19 Horst Drive and 1905 Route 72
Kenneth M. and Kelly J. Bachman to Dustin M. Bachman for $400,000.

2717 Tunnel Hill Road
Harold B. and Barbara A. Kreider to Kevin P. and Heidi E. Kreider for $1.
501 Eisenhower Road Lot 5
Bonita K. and April R. Kreiser to Richard M. and Marie S. Ringler for $1,807,071.

535 Breezewood Lane Unit 59
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Rajeshkumar and Rachanaben Patel for $157,900.

207 Campbelltown Road
Dale S. Kassick to AJ Homegenix LLC for $145,000.

19 Truman Street
Ty S. and Susan B. Stanton to Khagendra and Ram Bhattarai for $398,000.

6 Patton Road
Betty L. and Gene R. Schell to Betty L. Schell Irrevocable Trust, Lori A. Walmer, Scott A. Garrison for $1.

215 Grand Summit Drive Unit 28
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Charles E. and Elizabeth M. Kindt Jr. for $135,900.

500 August Avenue Unit 92
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Summer Layne LLC to Haresh, Shantilal, and Urvashi Patel for $152,900.

3 Highland Drive
Jeffrey A. and Michele C. Zeiders to Larry W. and Susan M. Hess for $660,000.

1174 Old Forge Road Lot 3
Earlene A. Blouch to Kayla Shuman, Jesse Beistline for $330,000.

230 Plaza Drive Lot 9
Shirley M. Parham to Jeremy R. C. Siegrist for $1.

501 Breezewood Lane Unit 68
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Summer Layne LLC to Pabitra and Kumar Dhimal for $152,200.

20 Capp Lane Lot 15
Kenneth L. Jurell Estate, Kendra L. Jurell to Kendra L. Jurell for $1.

1232 Queen Street Lot 55
Dennis U. and Mildred Shreffler to Thomas G. and Jeanne K. Mesko for $375,000.

907 Cambridge Court Lot 297
Cynthia E. Bangston to Cynthia E. Bangston Trust Agreement for $1.

27 Pembrooke Lane Lot 89
Lori Swingholm to Richard Good for $459,900.
227 West Main Street
David and Lily Horst to Todd M. and Susan M. Fies for $130,000.

762 West Maple Street
Charles C. Bruce to Christopher S. Miller for $160,000.

109 South Lingle Avenue
David L. and Hazel M. Kline to Paul Morrissey for $330,000.

966 East Maple Street
Jenele B. Turner to Stefanie Schott for $220,000.

805 East Cypress Street Lot 805
Charles W. Page to Naiohme Schlauderaff for $280,000.

126 South Harrison Street
Bradley T. and Alison K. Siegfried to Sean R. Bordner for $207,000.

802 East Main Street
Klick Lewis Inc. to Klick Lewis Inc. for $1.

NS East Cherry Street
Klick Lewis Inc. to Klick Lewis Inc. for $1.

309 West Maple Street Lots 54, 55, 56, and Part of Lot 57
Carol L. Poling Estate, Ricky E. Singley to Ricky E. Singley for $1.
123 East Main Street
Brent L. Martin to Brent L. and Judith A. Martin for $1.
997 Horseshoe Pike
Tarek Abdelwahed, Mohamed Aly to Rosa Y. Otero, Carlos L. Seda for $259,900.

1002 Louser Road
Dorothy M. Batz to Jesse J. Batz for $1.
1612 Cambridge Drive
Michael T. and Lori A. Sensenig to Robert J. and Kimberlie E. Jackson for $522,000.

109 Ashford Drive Lot 143
Kate B. Deisseroth to Scott and Maria E. Bocksel for $575,000.

410 East Evergreen Road
Barbara A. Rhine to Lyonel and Jennifer Gabriel for $290,000.

416 Larkspur Lane Lot 28 Plan of Evergreen Heights
Fay R. Hackman to Karna B. and Hari M. Bhandari for $312,000.

115 Palm Lane Lot 50 Hickory Hills Plan
Cynthia G. Showalter to DDJ Equity LLC for $200,000.

1006 South 3rd Avenue Lot 153 and Part of Lot 154
Rita M. Haag to William N. and Debra J. Bering Sr. for $210,000.
321 Brookwood Drive
Mukesh and Rashmika Patel to Harshad M. and Nisha H. Patel for $285,101.

220 Stone Harvest Way Lot 28
Christopher R. and Amanda B. Schroder to Samantha K. Pickel for $460,000.

130 Harvest Mill Road Unit 36
Branden and Christin Berry to Timothy A. Mee for $275,000.

214 Lawn Road
Grace A. Finegan to Grace A. Finegan, Debra A. Martin for $1.

20 Carriage Road Lot 114
William and Rachel Wiegmann to William Wiegmann for $1.
N of Washington Avenue
Glenn Lebanon Fire Company to Breezy Properties LLC, Middle Creek Investments LLC for $1,000.

514 Darlington Avenue
Christel Ritter, David A. Leffler to David A. Leffler for $50,000.
5 Campmeeting Road
Steven R. Kreamer, Stephen P. Lum, S & S Enterprises to Christian S. Kreamer, Stephen P. Lum, S & S Enterprises for $1.

111 Huckleberry Road
James E. and Greta D. Rank to Jeffrey S. Shirk, Lori F. Hoffman for $45,000.
404 3rd Street Lots 42, 19, and 44
Stuart D. and Jennifer P. Kantmann to Benjamin, David A., and Barbara L. Latz, Jessyka Lighthall for $330,000.

206 3rd Street
James and Linda Kreider to Robert E. and Martha J. Jackson for $220,000.
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